The Enlightened Spaniel - The Cat with One Life Left

Released March 2020

This is the story of two springer spaniels and their unrelenting quest towards enlightenment. Supported by their trusted companion The Bookshelf, and guided by an unwavering belief in the teachings of the Buddha, they undertake to discover the truth surrounding the reincarnation of the Buddha’s dog. The story takes an unusual twist when a mysterious cat arrives. The cat, Amara, believes he has used eight of his nine lives and is suffering from anxiety and uneasiness. He has travelled from afar to find Half-Sister in the hope that she will teach him to live in the present moment and therefore enjoy his final life on planet Earth. However, it soon becomes apparent that all is not as it seems, and that Amara holds a secret that Half-Sister must unravel if the truth is to be revealed. The Enlightened Spaniel – The Cat with One Life Left is a charming story that winds its way down a path filled with ancient wisdom, humour, and compassion for all living beings.


Gary Heads is a writer based in North East England. He founded one of the UK’s leading organisations delivering mindfulness services, and has a personal meditation practice spanning 30 years.  A long-standing interest in all matters relating toTibet has led to his appointment as trustee of a charity working to assist the Tibetan people. He can often be seen out walking with his two springer spaniels, if they are not meditating or studying the Buddha’s teachings that is.The Enlightened Spaniel is his second book.

Illustrations by Toby Ward

Toby Ward attended the City and Guilds of London Art School, where he won the Richard Ford Travel Award. Widely known for his conversation pieces and animated drawings commissioned to record events, he is also an accomplished portrait painter. He has drawn many events, including President Clinton’s visit to Oxford in 2001 and the work of the United Nations Peace Keeping Force in Bosnia. He also accompanied HRH The Prince of Wales to record a tour of the Gulf States.


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